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Floor Care and Janitorial

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Floor Care and Janitorial

It is no secret that the interior of your facility is a reflection of who you are as a business. Just like maintaining your house, this is a continuous burden that requires an abundance of attention. Busy professionals, like yourself, constantly face an array of tough demands and the image of your building should not be one of them. Allied National Services is a team of dedicated professionals that guarantee to alleviate the daily stresses surrounding this matter so you don't have to. We achieve this guarantee through effective communication and timely follow-up to develop a personable and professional relationship built on quality and satisfaction.

Floor Care

We take pride in our ability to care for all commercial floors that a facility could contain. Carpet, VCT, concrete, wood, ceramic tile and eco-friendly manufactured floor types. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and products for any project. We are dedicated to formatting a program specially designed for your floor and needs.


Maintaining an impeccable public image is a task that requires a welcoming environment. Clean screams professional, responsible and attentive. Allied National Services customizes a maintenance program to specifically make your facility shine and relay your polished message.

Floor Restoration

Enhance your facility by minor to major restoration. Our team of professionals will work with you to determine the most desirable and economical solution to upgrade your facility. Our superior maintenance methods will ensure that the area will communicate "new" long after completion.

Emergency Services

If we could predict disaster the world would live in chaos. Allied National Services is the solution when you experience an emergency that you were not prepared to tackle. Anything from flood to fire to any other unfortunate situation, we are prepared to quickly respond and help you with recovery


  • Full Service Janitorial
  • Routine Floor Care Programs
  • Specialized Floor Care
  • Floor Installation and Repair
  • Floor Restoration
  • Construction Clean Up
  • Emergency Service